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What is the State Seal

State Seal of Civic Engagement is a gold seal on the diploma or transcript, that recognizes high school graduates who have demonstrated civic knowledge, skills, action and reflection through the development of a civic engagment project.


Having this seal shows others your dedication to civic responsibility and desire to contribute something to this world that is greater than yourself.



This seal was created by the State of California through Assembly Bill 24 (2017) which instructed the California Department of Education (CDE) to develop a set of criteria to award students who have demonstrated excellence in civic education.    


Therefore, students who earn this award will have an advantage in job applications and with college applications and scholarships. 

Why get the State Seal of Civic Engagement ?

  1. Learn Civic Values and Democratic Skills.

  2. Opens doors for job, college, and scholarship opportunities.

  3. Make connections to meaningful internships.

  4. Give back to your community.

  5. Develop hirable skills such as: Leadership, responsibility, communication, decision making, and commitment.

  6. Find and build healthy relationships with likeminded others.

  7. Opportunity to serve on the Fresno Youth Service Council

Who is eligible

  • Any student enrolled in California public schools, direct-funded charter schools, the juvenile justice system, and/or in an alternative school setting.  

  • Students can earn the State Seal in grades eleven or twelve (LEAs may develop recognition for younger students).

How do you get started

  • Communicate with your History teacher, After school Leader, Activities Director or other school administration that you want to obtain this State Seal of Civic Engagement.

  • Show your school contact this website  - 

  • Fill out the form below so we know you are interested and can help you with the process.  If you do not have a Civic project idea yet that is ok, just put  - "I don't know yet, but I want the State Seal of Civic Engagement".


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities to  inspire civility in America by creating opportunities for youth to learn and practice civic values and democratic skills.

Let's connect.

Contact:  Dr. Stephen Morris


Phone:  559-681-2729



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