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Service Project Class Lessons

Lessons of our Land

An inter-disciplinary curriculum that aligns with state academic standards, and is adaptable to include the history and culture of a region's Native nations. I t offers 200 lessons ready for the classrooms (Native Americans, environment, racism, and many others.


Youth Voices Training Program

A 10-week documentary filmmaking training program At Community Media Access Collaborative (CMAC) for Central Valley Junior High and High School students, age 18 and under.  Program begins in May each year.


Participants will learn how to harness the power of media to tell stories of personal and societal significance through documentary filmmaking. CMAC will provide video production equipment, mentorship, and instruction as members of the Youth Voices cohort develop and produce their own documentary films.

Twelve (12) applicants will be chosen to participate and will receive a $1,000 stipend and a 1-year membership to CMAC.

Video Civic Project Examples

These videos were produced by high school students with help from mentors.  It becomes a powerful civic service project as it honors elders who have contributed much to our community or nation, and the digital stories are presented to the storyteller and their family as a DVD.  The Sutter MS students have done two of these stories about vets from Iraq and Afghanistan wars. 

This is a permanent record of their story in their own words.  The videos can also be a resource for students and teachers in US or World History classes with stories of local heroes who were involved with wars, civil rights movements and examples of injustice (e.g. Japanese internment.)  Let us know if you to do this for a civic service project.

8th grade students in the Democracy School Program at Sutter MS in Fowler produced this video of a local veteran. Teachers were Joseph Rodriguez and Lea Steele.

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