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Become a Youth Champion

As a Youth Champion you will get to work with young people and community leaders. You will help lead civic projects, activities and events in your school and community. There will be opportunities to gain work experience & get a head start in the work industry, learn valuable skills and stay a step ahead.

Your Opportunity to

  • Plan projects at the Fresno County Youth Summit and the Scout Island Leadership Adventure

  • ​Earn $2k stipend from FCSS.

  • ​Produce videos of cultural leaders, elders, and service heroes

  • ​Serve on the Fresno County Youth Service Council

  • Position is with the Fresno County Superintendent of School

Fresno County Youth Service Council- Listen to the concerns and ideas of high school students and support their civic projects. Create a digital Youth Network to connect youth leaders, civic engagement projects, community partners, and opportunities for civil dialogue. Youth leaders will represent their generation in deliberations with community leaders, adding new ideas and energy for building an inclusive community with liberty and justice for all.

For more information on this job description and how to apply


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