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Start the State Seal of Civic Engagement Program at your school

State Seal of Civic Engagement is a gold seal placed on the diploma or transcript, that recognizes high school graduates who have demonstrated civic knowledge, skills, action and reflection through the development of a civic engagement project. Having this seal shows others the dedication to civic responsibility and desire to contribute something to this world that is greater than yourself.

Why get this Seal?

  • Learn Civic Values and Democratic Skills

  • Opens doors for job, college, and scholarship opportunities

  • Make connections to meaningful internships

  • Give back to your community

  • Develop hirable skills such as: Leadership, responsibility, communication, decision making, and commitment.

  • Find and build healthy relationships with likeminded others

  • Opportunity to serve on the Fresno Youth Service Council - A student representative from each school will have the opportunity to join others to discuss the concerns and ideas of high school students and support civic projects throughout Fresno County.

If you are a student, this is how to get started:

  1. Let your history teacher, Activities Director, After School Lead or other school official know that you want to work towards getting this seal.

  2. Fill out the CEC form by clicking below:

For Educators

This program is in partnership with Fresno Superintendent of Schools. A hallmark of the SSCE is its accessibility to all students, regardless of their backgrounds, communities, and experiences. As civic engagement may look different from community to community, the CDE encourages LEAs to work with local and statewide organizations to develop local criteria and to design and implement impactful civic engagement programs and pathways that reflect the community interest, needs and resources. This is where CEC can help!

Civic Education Center

Will consult with the district leadership teamsto establish their State Seal process that includes:

  • Orientation meeting with stateholder groups on the purpose and benefits of the SSCE.

  • Develop a Board policy on SSCE Criteria

  • Assist with the student application and review process

  • Consult staff on student instruction for SSCE and civic engagement projects.

Will provide resources, tools and support to students in an effort to obtain the State Seal.This includes:

  • Work with Youth Leaders in your school to develop their civic engagement projects

  • Develop community partnership with opportunities for civic projects.

  • Hire a Youth Champion from your school who will earn up to 2k for the school year.

  • Plan a recognition celebration/showcase to honor award recipients.

To get started: Contact our State Seal Coordinator at


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