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The mission of the Civic Education Center is to inspire civility in America by creating opportunities for youth to learn and practice civic values and democratic skills.


Our Purpose

One of our greatest responsibilities is to prepare the next generation to meet the challenges they will face in the 21st Century, with a deep commitment to the rights and responsibilities of U.S. citizenship. We have a unique opportunity for a community dialogue about the civic values, knowledge, and skills that K-12 students should learn and practice in our public school system. We will create strong community support for our schools to provide effective civic education for students to be successful in college, career and citizenship.

Civic Values

• Liberty/freedom
• Unity; the common good 
• Justice
• Equality
• Truth
• Patriotism
• In God we trust
• Rule of law

Democratic Principles and Practice

•   Self governance and democratic      


•   Systems analysis of complex issues

•   Balancing legislative, judicial and  

    executive functions 

•   Civil dialogue on controversial issues

•   Deliberation and decision-making

•   Civic service; taking action to improve  

    public/civic life.

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