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Your Civic Project

This is the Civic Project Page.  It's a great opportunity to understand how to start a civic service project.  There is a Service example list, project resources and if you look further down and you will see other student projects. 

How to get project ideas

Students Sitting on Staircase

There are many resources to help generate ideas and get your civic project up and running. The button below will take you to:

  1. A list of community organizations that need your help.

  2. Civic Service Project support services to help you along the way

  3. Other resources 


Click here to get started.

What to do if you have an idea for your school or community

Some schools have a process for this sort of thing.  So the best thing to do is to start with your teacher or school administration.  If you are still have trouble feel free to reach out to us with your idea by submitting it in the form below.

Classmates in the Library
Playing Video Games

How to start a video project

There are many resources to help you get your civic video project up and running.  Click here to get started.

project submit form

Submit you project idea here

If you have a project idea, have already reached out to your teacher or organization representative, but need some help to get it off the ground.  Fill out the form below and a Civic Education Center Representative will contact and work with you to get it started.

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