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Civic Projects Underway

Below are several projects that are both currently underway and/or have been proposed and organized during the 2023 / 2024 school year.  Feel free to look through these projects to help you develop ideas for your own school or community.

2023/24 Civic Engagement Projects

Edison High School

Leader:  Matthew Pitcher,
Civic Project:  Peace Garden
Description:  We made a peace garden on the school campus.  We will have a ribbon cutting celebration to commemorate the opening where city leaders will come to school.  There will be a peace pole commemorating all 7 languages spoken at Edison High School -  highlighting ethnicities!

Link to News Broadcast:

Big Picture High

Teacher:  Mr. Nate Shankles
Civic Project:  Anti-Bully Video
Description:  Spread awareness of bullying to those who just look different by creating a website and video to be shown during Arthop.

Link to Website:

Kings River High

Teacher:  Mrs. Moreno
Civic Project:  Owls for Pest Control

As a way to reduce the use of toxic pesticides in farmland, we plan to build raptor boxes and place them both on farms and riparian habitat so that they may promote a healthier pest control.

Pictures/Video of Project

Redwood High

Teacher:  Ms. Rodriguez
Civic Project:  Furry Friends Club
Description:  We will create club/group to help raise awareness for homeless animals, help neuter stray animals for free, and overall create a safe environment for our furry friends. hopefully with the help of the SPCA. Euthanization shelters are still growing at an alarming rate, hopefully with the help of this group we will be able to help find our furry and non-furry friends a home and stay off the streets.

Pictures/Video of Project

Fowler High School

Teacher:  Ms. Lopez
Civic Project:  Stress Ball Project
Description:  Our group decided to make stress balls for students who are not feeling well and need work of some anxiety.  We promoted the project, recruited volunteers, set up a booth to distribute the balls during lunch.

Pictures/Video of Project

Big Picture High

Teacher:  Mr. Nate Shankles
Civic Project:  Breaking Chains, Building Futures
Description:  To create an experience that may influence and encourage the most vulnerable population to be initiated by gangs to make alternative and healthy choices.

Pictures/Video of Project

Kings River High

Teacher:  Mr. Kilborn
Civic Project:  Lost Lake Heritage
Description:  Our group spent several days out at lost lake to remove graffiti from the Native American grinding holes.  We also built signs to ask the community to preserve the site and refrain from defacing this special area.

Pictures/Video of Project

Cambridge High School

Teacher:  Mr. Peter Fortuna
Civic Project:  Seniors Helping Seniors
Description:  Our group trained seniors at Vineyards senior living facility on cyber crimes and how to personally prevent them.  Workshops included how to protect your online passwords.

Pictures/Video of Project
Senior Computer Class

2023 Civic Engagement Projects

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