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Partner with Civic Engagement in the Central Valley

Your donation will help provide financial assistance to deserving students and teachers across the country.

Why should you partner with Civic Education Center

Civic Education Center is dedicated to empowering young people for a lifetime of active, informed citizenship through civic education programs, professional development for educators, and specialized curriculum and classroom resources that help students develop their civic mindset. 


Our work is enriched through strategic partnerships that provide critical insights and resources, and expand civic education opportunities to students and teachers from all backgrounds. 

Partners and Supporters

Civic Education Center collaborates  with education and civic engagement institutes to provide programming for students, professional development for educators,  and ongoing exercises with high schoolers.

The philanthropic support of our generous donor partners helps Civic Education Center fulfill its mission to reach students of all backgrounds and world views, creating diverse learning communities in which students learn with—and from—each other.  




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