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What is the State Seal

The State Seal of Civic Engagement is a seal that is place on your diploma and/or transcript.   Students who earn this award will have an advantage in job interviews and with college applications and scholarships.  

Why get the State Seal?

  • Opens doors for job, college, and scholarship opportunities

  • Make connections to meaningful internships

  • Give back to your community

  • Develop hirable skills such as: Leadership, responsibility, communication, decision making, and commitment

  • Learn Civic Values and Democratic Skills

  • Find and build healthy relationships with likeminded others

How to apply for the State Seal

Every school district has their own application and review process.  Click on your school district below to learn more.

Fresno Unified School District

The application deadline

is on April 12

Sanger Unified School District

The application deadline

is on April 22

Big Picture High School


The application deadline

is on April 19

Fowler Unified School District


Will be available 2025


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities to  inspire civility in America by creating opportunities for youth to learn and practice civic values and democratic skills.

Let's connect.

Contact:  Dr. Stephen Morris


Phone:  559-681-2729



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