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Democracy School Program

In the context of US History (grades 5, 8, & 11) and Government courses, CEC offers ways to incorporate civic values, democracy skills, and civic engagement into the curriculum, aligned with Standards and Frameworks. CEC will provide:

  • Lessons and presentations on American civic values, civil dialogue, and historical inquiry

  • A 6-step model of civic engagement, with lessons and support for each step​

  • Assistance with inquiry and research, including community experts and non-profit partners​

  • Fun leadership and civic engagement activities

Empower Students Ideas Grow

In the Democracy School Program, students begin with identifying values, including American Civic Values.  


CEC will:

  • Discuss community values, community needs and root causes.  This helps us to choose an issue and identify how students can implement a Civic Service project to help solve the need.  

  • Guide students through rigorous research in an effort for them to have authentic and informed youth voice.  

  • Help to reach out to community experts and organizations so that they may be able to partner alongside students and schools to implement the civic project.  

  • Walk students through the civic project planning, organizing, and executing process.

Finally, we offer a student showcase where students are able to present their projects to the Central Valley Community.


The most effective way for students to learn the values and skills of democracy, leadership and problem solving is to practice these skills in projects to serve their school, community, nation and world. The Civic Education Center has now served over 2,000 students with civic service projects, working with community advisors to solve real problems in their school or community.

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Real Outcomes:

  • Community benefits (people, institutions, environment, economy, security, etc.)

  • Impact on students (civic education, career preparation, personal development)

  • Improvement of school culture and connections with parents and community• Professional development and community support for teachers

  • Institutionalization of this instructional strategy in schools and districts• Still earn the new State Seal of Civic Engagement

  • Preparation of the next generation to meet the challenges of the 21st Century

Curriculum and Resources

Below are both free and fee based resources that you can use in your classrooms and clubs and you work your way through the Democracy School Program 

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