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CEC Youth Council 

CEC Youth Council 

Working out Summer Schedule

4pm - 6:30pm 

at CEC Offic700 Van Ness Avenue, Suite 104
Fresno, CA 93721

The Fresno County Youth Service Council listens to the concerns and ideas of high school students and support their civic projects. They create a digital Youth Network to connect youth leaders, civic engagement projects, community partners, and opportunities for civil dialogue. Youth leaders represent their generation in deliberations with community leaders, adding new ideas and energy for building an inclusive community with liberty and justice for all.

Upcoming Events

Next Meeting:  July 11th

Next Adventure:  Caving in Millerton Cave - October 20th

Past News

Sunday, May 19th we to headed out to the Kings River to get to know each other and enjoy some whitewater rafting.  It was such a blast riding the waves, splashing through holes and getting very wet.  The day ended a BBQ lunch a great meeting to plan our summer meetings and next adventure.

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